Residual fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are by-products that food service establishments (FSEs) must constantly manage. Typically, FOG enters a facility’s plumbing system from ware washing, floor cleaning, and equipment sanitation. Sanitary sewer systems are neither designed nor equipped to handle the FOG that accumulates on the interior of the sewer collection system pipes. The best way to manage FOG is to keep the material out of the sewer systems. The following are suggestions for proper FOG management.


  • Train all employees to properly handle FOG.
  • Post “No Grease” signs over sink and floor drains.
  • Dispose of all yellow grease from fryers and grills in an appropriate recycling bin.
  • Install a grease interceptor or grease trap, that is sized to handle the grease produced at your business. Contact a commercial inspector for type and sizing.
  • Have an approved grease removal company regularly maintain your grease interceptor or trap. Keep records of when your equipment is cleaned.

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